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A renowned educational institution founded in the sixties in Bangalore, India, the Dayananda Sagar University, earlier known as the Dayananda Sagar Institutions embodies the noble principle of imparting holistic quality education to students and nurturing them into responsible corporate and social citizens of India. It is a group of institutions offering undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral programs in the fields of Engineering, Information Technology, Business Management, Nursing, Biological Sciences, Pharmacy, Sciences, Dental Sciences, Allied Health, Arts and Commerce. The Dayananda Sagar University has been particularly gaining significance in the healthcare education programs offered in its campus. The University’s educational portfolio has constantly been expanding with additional programs that cater to modern educational needs.


Dayananda Sagar College of Engineering


Founded in 1979 by Late leader and visionary, R Dayananda Sagar, the ‘Dayananda Sagar Engineering College offers pre-university, postgraduate and doctoral programmes under the aegis of Visvesvaraya Technological University. The Engineering College is managed by Mahatma Gandhi Vidya Peetha Trust that also runs 28 other institutions as part of the ‘Dayananda Sagar Institutions’.  The undergraduate programs in this college cover‘Biotechnology’, ‘Automobile Engineering’, ‘Construction Technology & Management’, ‘Civil Engineering’, ‘Chemical Engineering’, ‘Aeronautical Engineering’, ‘Computer Science & Engineering’, ‘Electrical & Electronics Engineering’, ‘Medical Electronics’, ‘Electronics & Communication Engineering’, ‘Electronics & Telecommunication’,‘Mechanical Engineering’, ‘Information Science & Engineering’, ‘Industrial Engineering & Management’, and ‘Electronics & Instrumentation Engineering’.


Postgraduate programs span‘Highway Technology, ‘VLSI Design & Embedded Systems’, ‘Structural Engineering’, ‘Design Engineering’,‘Power Electronics’,‘Computer Integrated Manufacturing’, ‘,‘Micro Electronics & Control Systems’, ‘Digital Communication & Networking’, Digital Electronics & Communication’, ‘Information Science & Engineering’, ‘Computer Science & Engineering’, Master of Business Administration and Master of Computer Applications.


The Faculty of Basic Sciences & Humanities offers degrees in  Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics.


Dayananda Sagar Academy of Technology& Management


The Academy of Technology is affiliated to Visvesvaraya Technological University and offers a host of undergraduate programs, including Bachelor of Architecture and postgraduate degrees in MBA and MCA.


The Dayananda Sagar College of Engineering Architecture program is an undergraduate degree offered as ‘Bachelor of Architecture’.


The University also has an ‘English & Foreign Languages Centre’ that offers certification programs and trains students in the effective use of English and Foreign languages as a medium of professional communication.




Dayananda Sagar Institutions offer innovative and modern educational programs catering to the varied needs of individuals seeking a quality education at undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral levels. The students have the luxury of an expansive choice of disciplines and programs to choose from, based on their specific interests and needs



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